a little sight into my fashion sence via Polyvore.com. my bffl.

Monday, November 2, 2009

what to do on a day like today.

well. its the start of a new week. huzzah.

anyway, i'm mainly just posting today so i can clip some images of my outfit that i wore out a few days ago to polyvore.com so i can use them. please forgive the crappyness of them. i was shooting images in low light and alone, so i really didn't capture the outfit too well. i also used and awesome online editing program called piknik.com. its pretty spiffy. anyway...

the first image is of me in a mod cut black blazer accompanied by a ruffled tank top along with my pearl strand and blue geometric 3-d shapes and chain necklaces. i edited it to look kinda cool. also with this outfit, i wore a pair of wide legged gray pants that gave an interesting contrast of color, and i wore these adorable cream and black heels i found for 10 bucks at pay less! i love bargain shopping!

this second image is no where near as cool looking, but it was a neat angle. except it makes me look a little chunkier than i really am.

and i think thats all for today, maybe i'll have some other cool images to post sometime this week. who knows.



  1. i love the pearl necklace. i think every girl needs one. i need one too. kinda preppy vintage? argh i don't know that's probably wrong description of your outfit. but i do like it. i do.

  2. :-P i'm not really sure what to call it either.