a little sight into my fashion sence via Polyvore.com. my bffl.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Victory is mine!

Well, sort of.

Today is my first blog entry, and I'm feeling good about it. Maybe I'll actually keep up with something I start for once.

So anywho, I need to find my way around this site, so, sit back, realx, and come back in a few days. ;)

~the boring girl. (tbg) <3


  1. btw, you're not boring. and you are amazing on polyvore. you're probably wondering who the heck is commenting, this weirdo. but it's just yoomyoom. and i can't keep up with my blog and it SUCKS. but i also kinda use it to clip pictures and also to just keep some of my art/ photography organized. whatever just do it for the fun of it. love your description on the right too. so cute!