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Friday, November 20, 2009

its about time...

well, today i am home from school. why? well i have mysteriosly developed a wretched sinus infection within the last 24 hours, and i can't get into the doctors till monday. i'm not really tired, just feeling like crap, so i decided to make an enrty here. its been a while. i think i'm going to up load some of my photos to show the world.

i took this picture over the summer during a trip to the thousand islands. it was a lot of fun. this particular building was on the grounds of Boldt Castle, and was only the generator house. not even anything special and it looks spectacular. you can visit this photo to see an actual image of the castle...i didn't get a good shot.

this is a landing of a staircase inside the yacht house of Boldt Castle.

this is a photo from a trip to the Corning Museum of Glass. its a cute little glass tea pot.

this is a cool perspective piece of money in a glass jar.

this is an amazing pink carriage in the streets of Montreal Canada! i wanted to ride in it...but i had no such luck :( i went on this trip with my french class in 8th grade (wow that seems like forever ago) it was an amazing...and the tour guides were very hot :P

this is a cool image from the trip to Montreal. its a neat motion piece.

here is an image of the Hope Diamond located at the Museum of Natural history in Washington DC. i edited the image up to look dramatic. i actually edited most of these images.

alright, well i'm bored with posting images. so until next time...


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